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Super Pet Small animal Beds, Bedding, Burrowing Material and  Chew Toys

 Suitable for Hamster’s, Dwarf Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils and other similar sized critters

 Sit ‘n’ Snooze Super Pet Sofa

This fun colourful sofa will provide your pet with a comfortable bed to sleep in.

The bed is made from  a durable plastic and the top is detachable making it easy to clean.

Approx Measurements:

  • Sofa length 15cm
  • Sofa width 8cm
  • Door height 5cm
  • Door width 6cm


Natural Burrowing Material

Naturally Fun Burrowing Bedding

Encourages burrowing and nesting activity in small pets.

·         Makes an excellent nesting material for small animal homes

·         Burrowing material provides boredom busting activity

·         Watch your pet as it works to create tunnels and nesting pockets

·         Contains all natural coconut fiber with crinkle paper

·         Pack contains 100grams of burrowing material

·         Can be used with Crittertrail Habitats and burrowing maze (all sold separately)

Chewbular Play Tube – Small

The Charge-thru Chew Tube Hip Critters Choose!

The Barrel of fun for Hamsters, Gerbils, mice and other Small Pets

·         Safe and Economical

·         Accommodates your pet’s natural chewing and burrowing instincts

·         Non-toxic Vegetable Food Colours

·         Made with environmentally friendly materials

·         Size Small, Approx measurements 6 inches long by 2.5 inch diameter

·         Contains a free sample of night-E-night bedding



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