Trixie Memory Trainer 2.0 Strategy Game


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The battery-operated Dog Activity Memory Trainer is a demanding game for dogs of any age. It consists of a feed container and a release button with signal sound. The dog has to press the release button with paw or nose to make treats fall out of the feed container. Once the dog has understood that container and release button belong together, the distance between them can be increased up to 40 m. This gradually increases the level of difficulty and the dog meets new challenges again and again. The release button can be placed in different ways – flat on the ground, attached to a wall with a suction cup or secured in sand or grass with a peg.

Also ideal for training contacts, weaves etc for agility and works with the new remote for human use (available Separately)

  • By pressing the remote control the dog gets the treats
  • rotating reservoir inside the food dispenser with adjustable opening for adjusting the release of treats
  • increasing levels of difficulty due to the increasing distance between release button and food dispenser; in the end they can even be placed in different rooms
  • additional holder to increase stability of release button
  • various means of fastening the release button by suction cup or peg for outside
  • includes small scoop for filling
  • operating range up to 40 m
  • plastic
  • non-slip due to rubber feet
  • micro USB cable (1,5 m) included
  • can be operated with batteries or via USB cable with a main plug (3 AAA micro- and 4 C baby batteries not included)
  • please remove the batteries when using the micro USB cable (included) and a separately available USB mains plug (Euro plug item no.12709)
  • booklet with tips and tricks for designing optimal training

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