Mikki Dog / Cat / Small Animal Feeding & Medication Kits




Mikki Feeding and Medication Kits


Mikki Feeding and Medication Kits for Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens and Small Animals


Handi Feeder

An effective way of feeding fluids and medication to small animals


*       Non-Toxic and dishwasher safe

*       Syringe maximum capacity is 14ml (1/2 oz)

*       Choice of tips – Nipple tip – for thinner mixtures medication

                                Taper tip – for thicker mixtures and medication


Note: When giving medications always double check the dosage

Angle the feeding syringe towards the animal’s cheek to avoid  choking and dispense slowly and gently.


Nursing Kit

For hand feeding newborn and orphaned small animals


*       Non-Toxic polythene bottle and latex teat

*       Spare teat and cleaning brush

*       Reusable with sterilisation


Replacement Teats

For use with the Mikki Nursing Kit


*       Easy-to –use feeding tool for baby animals

*       Silicon rubber teats may be sterilised

*       Hand wash in warm water

*       Reusable after sterilisation

*       Pack of three


Mothering Kit

For feeding young or unwell puppies, kittens and baby animals


*       Easy-to-use feeding tool for baby animals

*       Silicone rubber teats may be sterilised

*       Hand wash in warm water

*       Reusable


Fill the syringe with the appropriate liquid and then attach the small teat.

Gently introduce this into the animals mouth while slowly pushing the plunger and allowing the animal to suck the liquid.

Ideal for puppies and kittens, as well as small animals like mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters; and wild-living animals such as hedgehogs etc.

Pill Gun

  • An easy way to give your pet medication.
  • Ideal for worming tablets and capsules.
  • Reusable.

Load the syringe with a small amount of water (to help your pet swallow) and place the pill in its claws.

Hold your pet’s mouth open firmly and deposit the pill at the back of the throat by using the plunger. It may be necessary to hold your pet’s jaws closed and rub the throat area to encourage swallowing.


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